Meet the Staff: Sarah Coode

SarahCoodeSarah Coode began volunteering with the Nashville Adult Literacy Council in 1996. After having volunteered with a Knoxville literacy program during college, she was happy to be tutoring in this capacity once again. Sarah volunteered for five years, until she was hired as Literacy Specialist in 2001.

As Literacy Specialist, Sarah is responsible for enrolling each of the new literacy learners who enter our program. The literacy enrollment process is a long one, and allows her to become very familiar with the many facets to a person’s reading skills. Sarah also serves as the primary contact for One-on-One Tutors who work with literacy learners. She trains these tutors to work with their learners and develops an ongoing relationship with the pair as the learner works towards acquiring reading skills. Sarah is available to answer any questions the learner or tutor may have as they work in our program.

Additionally, Sarah teaches basic literacy classes that the NALC conducts in partnership with various other Nashville nonprofits such as the Martha O’Bryan Center, Davidson County Drug Court, and Christian Women’s Job Corps.


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