Meet the Staff: Lisa LeMaster

LisaLeMasterREVMy name is Lisa LeMaster..  I am the evening (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Start Now Coordinator for the Antioch office.

I first joined NALC in January 2012 as a volunteer ELL Tutor.  Then, I trained to become a Literacy Tutor.  For several years, I taught two students weekly.  In May 2014, I officially joined the staff in my current position.  I still continue to tutor my ELL student, who is now studying to become a citizen.

My past work experience as an elementary school reading teacher (Texas) and a media center specialist (Florida), coupled with my love of reading (it is one of my favorite pastimes)  come in handy for my work here at NALC.  I cannot imagine a better gift than to help someone become a lifelong reader.  I am filled with admiration for adults who have made learning English a priority.

I am always happy to help them in any way I can.



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