Tennessee Electronic Library

We are so excited to share the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) with you today! TEL is a virtual library providing access to over 400,000 electronic resources, including magazines, podcasts, videos, e-books, and test preparation materials. Learners and tutors alike can benefit from these resources, and they can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Best of all, … Continue reading

NALC Nomads

by Sally Tiven, English Tutor Now that NALC staff has brought you together, blessed the union, and provided the book, it’s time to select a venue for the dual endeavor of English study and cultural coaching. You may be surprised to learn that Target is the preferred study hall of several of my English learners. … Continue reading


by Yoon Kim, English Learner Panera is the most favorite place to meet my teacher to study English. The atmosphere is casual and coffee and soup are so good. Also I can get credit on my Panera card so often I get free coffee or pastry. If I were in the library, I would have … Continue reading


by Anhminh, English Learner I like to take the lesson with my tutor, Sally, at the Bruegger’s on White Bridge Road. It’s not too far from my house or my teacher’s. This is a cozy and friendly place. The seating has a little privacy so I can practice speaking English or I can read some … Continue reading


by Aida, English Learner I like to study with tutor Sally because she helps me a lot to improve my English. I love to meet her at the Harding Place YMCA weekly. I prefer to have the meeting at this place for the following reasons: We have a quiet table where we can sit. I … Continue reading

Four-Part NPR Series on Adult Education

In 2013, NPR published a four-part series on a variety of topics relating to adult education. In this series, they cover Americans who struggle with basic literacy, immigrants who are learning English, the importance of adult education in the workplace, and the financial and social costs of low literacy skills. This series was a part of American Graduate: … Continue reading

Reading Reminder: YouTube Edition

YouTube can be a great resource, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what to look for.  Here are our favorite phonics lessons on YouTube.  These videos could easily be integrated into a lesson with a learner, or simply used as preparation for a tutoring session. Mr. Thorne Does Phonics Mr. Thorne Does Phonics teaches comprehensive phonics in … Continue reading

Learner Spotlight: Meet Jeanne

Jeanne devotes more hours learning with us each month than many of our learners do in a year. Dedicated is an understatement. After taking two buses and traveling one and a half hours each direction to come to class, Jeanne stays hours after class working on the computer to increase her skills through self-study.  She takes … Continue reading

5 Financial Literacy Worksheets for Adults

April is Financial Literacy Month!  Here are our top 5 free resources about paying bills, budgeting, goal setting, and other financial skills that your learner may need help developing.  The following worksheets can be downloaded for free. 1.  Time to Pay Rent 2.  What’s Eating Your Paycheck 3.  Really Simple Budget 4.  Tracking Your Expenses … Continue reading

The First Day: Getting to Know Your Student’s Goals and Building a Lesson Plan

By Alex Howard, ELL Tutor Earlier this week, I had the chance to meet my new student, and I began thinking about how important that first session is. Here are a few notes and ideas about what to do on the first day. Preparation Take some time to organize your aims for your first meeting. … Continue reading

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