In Our Words


In Our Words is a collection of stories written by learners, tutors, and teachers at the Nashville Adult Literacy Council. This a great opportunity for learners to practice their writing skills and to share a piece of their lives with others. Stories can be submitted anonymously. Submissions must include a permission slip signed by the author and can be turned in by mail to 4805 Park Ave., 37209, by email to, or at one of our offices.

Stories must be turned in by Friday, October 10, 2014.

Not sure what you or your learner could write about? Here are some brainstorming suggestions!

  • Start with “I remember…” and see where the story takes you.
  • List times you helped someone.
  • List times you were helped by someone.
  • Make a list of firsts.
  • Make a list of lasts.

If your learner is not able to write their story on their own, feel free to have them dictate the story to you.

  • 4805 Park Ave. Suite 305
    Nashville, TN 37209