One-on-One Program

The One-on-One Program matches one adult learner with one volunteer tutor based on schedule and location preference.

When? Where? Who do I help? How often? What’s my support?
You set a convenient, recurring time Any public location The same person each time, either aliteracy or English learner Two or three hours a week for six months After training, the NALC staff will provide a guide at your first meeting

Time Commitment
One-on-One Tutors will meet with a learner for two to three hours per week. We suggest meeting two times a week for one and a half hours each time. Tutors are required to commit to meet with their learner for at least six months. This of course doesn’t mean that a week cannot be missed; we understand people go out of town and things come up.

Meeting Locations
All NALC tutoring must occur in a public place. Tutors and learners are both required to provide their own transportation to tutoring sessions.  A tutor and learner may choose to socialize outside of their tutoring sessions.  These occasions would be independent of our program, and not subject to the above program rules.

Get Started
All tutors must attend training, regardless of background or experience.  Upcoming training dates for the One-on-One Tutor program are listed below. For more information or to sign up, email or call 615-298-8060.

Please check our website for training days and times.

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    Nashville, TN 37209