NALC Nomads

by Sally Tiven, English Tutor Now that NALC staff has brought you together, blessed the union, and provided the book, it’s time to select a venue for the dual endeavor of English study and cultural coaching. You may be surprised to learn that Target is the preferred study hall of several of my English learners. … Continue reading


by Yoon Kim, English Learner Panera is the most favorite place to meet my teacher to study English. The atmosphere is casual and coffee and soup are so good. Also I can get credit on my Panera card so often I get free coffee or pastry. If I were in the library, I would have … Continue reading


by Anhminh, English Learner I like to take the lesson with my tutor, Sally, at the Bruegger’s on White Bridge Road. It’s not too far from my house or my teacher’s. This is a cozy and friendly place. The seating has a little privacy so I can practice speaking English or I can read some … Continue reading


by Aida, English Learner I like to study with tutor Sally because she helps me a lot to improve my English. I love to meet her at the Harding Place YMCA weekly. I prefer to have the meeting at this place for the following reasons: We have a quiet table where we can sit. I … Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Crystal Gimesh

Crystal Gimesh started as a volunteer in 2009 fulfilling an internship requirement with Belmont University. Prior to volunteering, she had no idea that anything like this program existed. Crystal enjoyed volunteering in the Start Now Program so much that she continued to volunteer after her internship ended. There were innumerable days where she would arrive for … Continue reading

The Four C’s of Effective Instruction

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you are making a difference in the growth of your learner’s skills. Are you helping? We have all had feelings of uncertainty. Reading Horizons has provided a simple self-check that we can use to ensure that we are effective in our instruction. Clear instruction and processes Consistent … Continue reading

See the World in My Eyes

by V.S., Literacy Learner See the world in my eyes. I can’t read and write well. There are a lot of things you can’t do because you are scared you will get lost. You can’t read street signs. Going out of town is so scary. To not get lost, you hope someone will drive you … Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Ann Bardone

Ann Bardone first started with the Nashville Adult Literacy Council as a volunteer in the One-on-One Program in 2004. When her learner moved, she came on as a staff member, working in the office and teaching an English class. Tutoring and teaching were very rewarding experiences, and Ann enjoyed helping others better understand life in … Continue reading

Do you Mango?

You may already be familiar with Mango, the language learning program that the Nashville Public Library has made available to anyone with a library card. What you may not know is that there is also an English as a Second Language component to this program, with several different language options for you to choose your … Continue reading

Learner-Tutor Relationships and the Importance of Listening

by Emily Davidson Nemoy, Literacy Tutor When you listen to someone completely, you hear the whole of what he or she is saying. Not just the words—but also the feelings and thoughts behind them. You are trying to understand the other person, even if you don’t agree with him or her. I began tutoring with … Continue reading

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