Reading and Writing

MissionStatementTeaching adults to read and write is our primary mission.  Literacy learners are generally taught by volunteers in a one-on-one setting in either the One-on-One Program or the Start Now Program.


Literacy Tutoring
The NALC currently offers literacy tutoring at our offices in West Nashville and in Antioch, along with various other locations throughout Nashville. Volunteers teach learners while tutoring in the One-on-One Program and the Start Now Program. Registration for new learners is available in the daytime and evening. Contact the office for the next registration date.

Computer Lab Instruction
Literacy learners are encouraged to use our computer lab on their own whenever the office is open. Learners can use a program called Reading Horizons that empowers adult learners with a simple, streamlined approach for learning how to read. After teaching the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, 5 Phonetic Skills, and 2 Decoding Skills, learners are provided with a framework that allows them to decode the majority of words in the English language.

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