Tennessee Electronic Library

We are so excited to share the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) with you today! TEL is a virtual library providing access to over 400,000 electronic resources, including magazines, podcasts, videos, e-books, and test preparation materials. Learners and tutors alike can benefit from these resources, and they can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Best of all, … Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Sarah Coode

Sarah Coode began volunteering with the Nashville Adult Literacy Council in 1996. After having volunteered with a Knoxville literacy program during college, she was happy to be tutoring in this capacity once again. Sarah volunteered for five years, until she was hired as Literacy Specialist in 2001. As Literacy Specialist, Sarah is responsible for enrolling each of the … Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Crystal Gimesh

Crystal Gimesh started as a volunteer in 2009 fulfilling an internship requirement with Belmont University. Prior to volunteering, she had no idea that anything like this program existed. Crystal enjoyed volunteering in the Start Now Program so much that she continued to volunteer after her internship ended. There were innumerable days where she would arrive for … Continue reading

See the World in My Eyes

by V.S., Literacy Learner See the world in my eyes. I can’t read and write well. There are a lot of things you can’t do because you are scared you will get lost. You can’t read street signs. Going out of town is so scary. To not get lost, you hope someone will drive you … Continue reading

Reading Reminder: YouTube Edition

YouTube can be a great resource, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what to look for.  Here are our favorite phonics lessons on YouTube.  These videos could easily be integrated into a lesson with a learner, or simply used as preparation for a tutoring session. Mr. Thorne Does Phonics Mr. Thorne Does Phonics teaches comprehensive phonics in … Continue reading

5 Financial Literacy Worksheets for Adults

April is Financial Literacy Month!  Here are our top 5 free resources about paying bills, budgeting, goal setting, and other financial skills that your learner may need help developing.  The following worksheets can be downloaded for free. 1.  Time to Pay Rent 2.  What’s Eating Your Paycheck 3.  Really Simple Budget 4.  Tracking Your Expenses … Continue reading

The First Day: Getting to Know Your Student’s Goals and Building a Lesson Plan

By Alex Howard, ELL Tutor Earlier this week, I had the chance to meet my new student, and I began thinking about how important that first session is. Here are a few notes and ideas about what to do on the first day. Preparation Take some time to organize your aims for your first meeting. … Continue reading

Learner Spotlight: Meet Erskine

Erskine entered our program in 2002 through our partnership with Davidson County Drug Court.  With our help, he achieved his goals of finding employment and buying a house.  Erskine has been drug-free for fifteen years, and says he could not have achieved this without learning how to read. My whole life has changed.  If I … Continue reading

Reading Reminder: Vowel Sounds

There are 18 vowel sounds in the English language.  The five main vowels are A, E, I, O, and U.  Sometimes W and Y also act as vowels.  Vowel sounds can be put into the following categories: 5 Long Vowels:  Long vowels are when the sound is the same as the letter name – faith, dream, … Continue reading

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