Workplace Literacy Classes

If your business employs non-English speaking individuals or those with low reading ability, our Workplace Literacy Classes may be just what you need.  We design a curriculum focused directly on increasing your productivity.  You may have a group of employees who need to read safety materials, or routinely need to speak with their bosses and other administrative staff.   Whatever your situation, we will create a curriculum designed to meet your needs.

By offering classes to your employees with low level English or basic literacy skills, you increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.  Workplace classes can lead to lower insurance costs due to fewer accidents, improved employee confidence, improved team building skills, and increased employee loyalty to your company.  These employees take their skills with them and help to empower our community through literacy and learning.  This is the kind of investment that pays you back many times over.

Our Workplace Literacy Classes are taught by qualified teachers.  Instruction occurs at your place of business and at a time convenient to your operation.  For more information or for pricing, email or call 615-298-8060.

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